We and our Mission

The Bangladesh Computer Society is regarded as the leading professional and learned society in the field of computers and information systems in Bangladesh. It was established on 23 July 1979. The Bangladesh Government Register no. S-1638(53)/95.This is also a Sister Societies of IEEE Computer Society.

Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS) is the national representative body of Computer Engineers, Scientists and Technologist of the country. It is a non-political, non-profitable organisation. From the first day, BCS was playing significant roles in providing consultation and policy making services to Bangladesh Government and also contributing directly to the progress of making the country computerised. As recognition of its contribution, the Government of Bangladesh has given it the power of certifying ICT professionals.

The BCS Executive Committee is committed to implement the Aims and Objectives of the society in steps. The society is trying to increase the social awareness in computer activities through arranging seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures, training, publishing journals etc. regularly. The society is also trying to maintain uniformity among the service holders holding different positions in different organisations in computer fields.

Now-a-days, Government of Bangladesh has taken ICT as its prime policy for managing its activities. This is a big transition moving from non-technology based management to technology-based one. Industries in Bangladesh are now moving from labor-centric to knowledge-centric based on ICT. There are lots of activities to be performed for making the change from poor Bangladesh to Digital Bangladesh including infrastructure development, human resource development, policy development and to change the society to knowledgeable one. It is the BCS that can play the vital roles to bring more perfection to the changes and hastening the arrival of Digital Bangladesh.

Bangladesh being the bridge point of the South Asia and South East Asia has a bright future in the field of investment markets along with computer and information technology.The need of expert human resources and the proper dignity to the ICT knowledgeable people is very essential for making the changes. Bangladesh Computer Society is working for making its members suitable for the future Bangladesh and trying to accelerate the activities required for fulfilling the government vision of sustainable progress in ICT to get a Digital Bangladesh.

As the premier society of computer professionals in the country, BCS has a very important role to play in the growth of information technology in the country. The Government of Bangladesh has recently declared Information Technology as one of the major thrust sectors and a number of projects aimed towards promoting export of software and data processing services from Bangladesh have been initiated. The deliberations in the seminar will be very useful and the members of BCS can come up with valuable suggestions for achieving the goal of making Bangladesh as one of the major software exporting countries of the world.